We’re closing in on five weeks until the election, so here’s the top five reasons to vote for Bonnie Gore for Roseville City Council on November 8:

  1. Bonnie loves our city. She has called Roseville home for the past two decades and she wants to ensure that it continues being one of the best places in California to live and work. Her love for the city is most evident in her volunteer work for the Roseville City School District Foundation and the Roseville Chamber of Commerce.
  2. She has the experience needed to lead Roseville. Bonnie is a prominent member of our community with over 19 years of local public policy and business experience. She uses that experience as a City Council Member and will continue to utilize it in the next four years.
  3. Bonnie will strengthen our community and keep it safe. One of her top priorities is public safety, and with her help, Roseville has restored police staffing and added new officers. She will continue this critical work to meet the needs of the community.
  4. She will keep government out of the way of small business. Bonnie understands that businesses thrive and create jobs when government allows the free market to operate. While maintaining a local government that is streamlined, efficient and friendly to small businesses, she has helped attract new business and development to our community with new projects such as the FBI building, Quest Technologies, and the HP Campus Oaks project, bringing 3,000 new jobs to Roseville over the past four years.
  5. She’s not afraid to stand up to the government bureaucrats in Sacramento. She will work with our local elected officials to stand against the continued stream of unfunded mandates coming from Sacramento. Bonnie believes it’s imperative to stop the legislature from feeding their overspending habit through taking local city tax dollars.

Convinced by these top 5 reasons to support Bonnie?