The Sacramento Bee just announced their endorsements for the Roseville City Council. Their first choice? Bonnie Gore. Here’s what they had to say about Bonnie:

Bonnie Gore, the incumbent, helped balance the budget and should be returned to the council.

Gore, a community and government relations manager for Kaiser Permanente who has the endorsements of numerous local officials, can help elevate Roseville’s profile. She was involved in negotiations with public employee unions and helped the city manage compensation and retirement benefits. With the city starting talks with the firefighters’ union, she understands the city’s responsibility to keep a lid on increases.

And that’s not all. They had a lot of compliments for the City of Roseville — one of the main reasons they’re backing Bonnie:

Roseville managed to maintain services by deferring millions of dollars in capital improvements and lowering labor costs. Now, it has balanced its budget this year without drawing from reserves and is turning the corner on the recession.

Want to join the Sacramento Bee and add your endorsement for Bonnie?