Government must be efficient and I will always ask the questions to make sure we are doing all we can to protect taxpayer’s money while continuing to serve the needs of our residents.

Roseville’s interests must be acknowledged and addressed on the Board of Supervisors. I will ensure tax-sharing agreements are fair and the effects of development are mitigated. It will continue to be my top priority that our public safety needs are met. I will promote economic development and work with our regional partners to draw business opportunities and higher education to Roseville. It is imperative we work in partnership with elected officials as we address issues in the community that transcend jurisdictional boundaries. Our county and cities should work together to find ways we can address challenges together, leveraging our strengths and resources. In addition, we need to work with business leaders locally and regionally as we work to strengthen the economy of Placer County.

Public Safety
Keeping Roseville families safe has always been my number one priority. While we have maintained a balanced budget, we have added additional police officers and reached full staffing of sworn personnel for the first time in five years. Investment in public safety is key to maintaining our quality of life. I will continue to prioritize the safety of Roseville residents above all else.

Economic Development
_MG_8939Economic development is key to our county’s vitality. Our focus should be fostering an environment that draws businesses to our community where they can succeed. We should work with our cities and regional partners, such as the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, to foster business growth and attraction.

Local government can help by reducing fees, regulations and restrictions on businesses. We need to stop increasing regulations on our businesses. If there are local regulations to be addressed, I’m open to making changes. Although the County does not have a local chamber, I will partner with our chambers to ensure we address the challenges of doing business in the County. We should always work to streamline processes, reduce redundancy, and keep fees in check.

Protecting your Tax-Dollars

In Roseville we turned deficits into surpluses. We live within our means; our budget is balanced and we have made the tough decisions to ensure long term fiscal health. These include implementing fiscal policies to address funding levels for reserve funds. As a result, Roseville’s bond rating is A++. As County Supervisor, I will continue to be the fiscal hawk, ensuring the county lives within their means and your tax dollars are protected.


I currently sit on the board of William Jessup University and have championed new educational opportunities including Roseville Center Sierra College. I strongly support bringing higher education and vocational opportunities to South Placer County. A university (or two) would provide both the workforce local businesses need and stimulate economic growth.


Ensuring we have a plentiful water supply is imperative. In Roseville we were successful in meeting state mandated conservation goals and built two groundwater wells to augment surface water supplies. We are also working on long-term strategy to ensure Roseville’s water reliability.

Without access to a reliable water supply, our ability to grow is inhibited. I will continue to work with our regional partners to advocate with state and federal agencies for local needs. We must address future water reliability. I am supportive of Sites Reservoir as well as looking at alternate ways to obtain water other than from Folsom Lake, such as from PCWA off the American River above Folsom Lake and diverting water from the Sacramento River.


As the county develops land in western Placer County, the county must work with Roseville to mitigate the effects of development. We need fair tax sharing agreements that address the needs of both the county and the cities.

I am supportive of well-planned projects that provide a balance of jobs and housing. I agree with the County’s general plan that indicates development should take place in the cities, which have expertise in providing municipal services. However, they have chosen to develop outside of the cities. Therefore, it’s important that impacts on the local cities are mitigated and residents are provided with the services in the county that residents in the cities take for granted (fire, law enforcement, parks and libraries).

Tax sharing agreements need to be fair and issues such as appropriate levels of public services need to be addressed so the local cities are not bearing the brunt of development. I favor regional planning efforts as needed to help provide for traffic, water, infrastructure, and other needs for new growth. I will ensure that the county works with Roseville to address our mutual concerns.